How To Make Garlic Fries? Special Flavor

How to make garlic fries? Garlic fries are popular around the world because they combine the crunchy taste of potatoes and the unique scent of garlic. Follow us to see how to make this dish.

What are potatoes?

Potato a plant that grows underground and is also the name for its edible tuber. The potato plant’s scientific name is Solanum tuberosum, belonging to the Solanaceae family. Potatoes originate from the high mountains of the Andes region of South America.

Potatoes are an important source of nutrients, containing vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Commonly used as food in many parts of the world and can be prepared in many different ways such as cooking, steaming, frying, baking and many other dishes. This is also the main ingredient to produce products such as French fries and mashed potatoes.

How to make garlic fries?

Short description of garlic fries

Garlic fries are a popular and delicious dish, combining the delicious crunch of potatoes and the characteristic aroma of garlic. To make this dish, potatoes are usually cut into sticks or strips, then fried in cooking oil until they are golden and crispy. Garlic is used to create a unique and delicious flavor, often minced or roasted in cooking oil before being sprinkled on potatoes.

Garlic fries have a complex flavor, with both the sweetness of potatoes and the crunch and aroma of garlic. Usually served hot, this dish often comes with sauces such as mayo, garlic sauce, or chili sauce to add flavor. Garlic fries are often an attractive dessert or a delicious snack at parties, restaurants, or other entertainment occasions.

How to make garlic fries? Popularity and popularity

Attractive flavor

Garlic fries bring a unique and delicious flavor, with both sweetness and crunch from the potatoes and the characteristic aroma of garlic.

Easy and convenient

The process of making garlic fries is not too complicated, and it can be prepared at home quickly. One can also buy this at fast food joints or restaurants, making it a convenient option.

Suitable for many events

Garlic fries are often served at parties, entertainment events, or simply when people want to enjoy a light and delicious dish.

Flexibility in preparation

Garlic fries can be customized to personal taste by adding spices, sauces, or served with other ingredients such as cheese, meat, or raw vegetables .

Popular dish in many cultures

Garlic fries are not only a popular dish in Western countries but are also popular in many other cuisines around the world. Through the above article, we can recommend you the latest dresses.Shop dress in a variety of lengths, colors and styles for every occasion from your favorite brands.

How to make garlic fries?

How to make garlic fries? Necessary raw materials


Choose the right type of potato

Choose potatoes with high starch content to achieve a crispy texture when fried.
Russet potatoes are often popular for their delicious taste and crispy texture.

Quantity needed

Depends on the number of people eating. Usually about 1-2 potatoes per person are needed.


Choose from fresh garlic or minced garlic

Use fresh garlic for pure and strong flavor.
Minced garlic provides even aroma and can save preparation time.

Quantity and preparation of garlic

Based on personal taste, use about 4-6 cloves of garlic for every 2-3 potatoes.
If using fresh garlic, chop or crush the garlic to form a mixture.
If using minced garlic, cut the garlic into thin or small slices depending on your preference.

How to make garlic fries?

How to make garlic fries? Detailed processing method

Processing potatoes

Roll potatoes in cooking oil

Make sure the potatoes are evenly covered with a thin layer of cooking oil.
Even coating helps the potatoes cook evenly and give them an attractive crispy crust.

Choose the right cooking oil and cooking temperature

Use cooking oil at the right temperature to avoid the potatoes absorbing too much oil.
The oil should reach shock temperature, approximately 350-375°F (175-190°C).

Cook potatoes

Cook until the potatoes are crispy and have an attractive golden color

Cook the potatoes in hot cooking oil until they are a nice golden color.
Make sure the potatoes are cooked and have the desired crispness.

Invert the potatoes to ensure even cooking

If not using an automatic fryer, invert the potatoes mid-cooking so they cook evenly on both sides.
This helps ensure each part of the potato has the same color and crunch.

How to make garlic fries?

How to make garlic fries? Create garlic flavor

Roast garlic

Roast garlic in cooking oil until fragrant

Start by heating a small amount of cooking oil in a small pan.
Add minced garlic or garlic slices to the hot oil and stir well.
Roast the garlic at medium heat until it begins to smell fragrant and turns light yellow.

Only use garlic that is ripe to the appropriate degree

Avoid roasting garlic for too long, as this can lose its aroma and create a burnt smell.
Organize the roasting time of the garlic so that it is only cooked to a light golden color without burning.

In conclusion

How to make garlic fries? The soaking process of potatoes helps prepare their surface for cooking and frying, creating a crispy crust and effectively absorbing cooking oil, making garlic fries more delicious and appealing.


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